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East Ohio Street is to the Photo Antiquities Museum, which aims to preserve photographic so generations can get a glimpse of what was. It uses original photographic images, classic photography, and videography equipment to take visitors back in . Purists will enjoy how the Photo Antiquities Museum tells a story and details the progression and evolution of the industry to today's standard — media. Its displays depict the history of the industry over the years, particularly with the impact of technological advances. The museum also offers guided tours and educational programs to teach people more about this. The museum exhibits photographs in various media, which can be genuinely fascinating for younger generations.

The Mattress Factory

This rather unusual attraction on Jacksonia Street is often referred to as a laboratory rather than a museum. The Mattress Factory breaks boundaries by offering visitors an immersive experience. You don't just look at art paintings on the wall or displays. Instead, it puts you front and center, allowing you to be a part of the experience.

Founded in 1977, The Mattress Factory boasts decades of embracing alternate art forms. Its exhibitions highlight local and international artists, focusing on installations, , and performance arts.


Located on Arch Street, Randyland is a colorful, attention-grabbing art landmark that's hard to miss. Founded by Randy Gilson and situated in his sideyard, one might even call Randyland a passion project that went a little further than he expected. Here, you can expect illustrations, yard signs, mannequins, and much more — all credited to Gilson.

One look at it and you can already tell that it has brought life and culture to the city. This may be why it has much acclaim and is touted as one of the most photographed places on Instagram, making it arguably one of the best museums in Pittsburgh.

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