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Canada vs. USA – BetMGM

The biggest difference between the US and is in the laws and regulations concerning . While the US is very clear about its laws and there are no loopholes to exploit, there are still gray areas in Canadian regulations. 

In the , you can only casino games when you're physically located in one of the states where online casinos are legal. outside of these states are not allowed to play at these casinos. 

In Canada, Ontario is the only province where such casinos are legal. However, residents are not prohibited from casino games on sites outside of North America. So, for example, they could play at an online casino which is registered in Malta or the UK. 

Winnings and Taxes

In the US, gambling winnings are considered a form of income and, as a result, are subject to a W-2G tax declaration and are heavily taxed (24%.) 

In Canada, these winnings are not seen as a form of regular income and are, therefore, not taxed.

Variety of Games and Software Providers

The majority of Canadians gamble on overseas virtual casino platforms, which give them access to a huge variety of new and exciting online games and software providers from around the world.

The US is quite strict on this and only a handful of developers are licensed to provide games in the country. This means that players miss out on games from developers that aren't allowed to operate in the country. That said, a few states are slowly beginning to license more international game developers. 

Worth and User Numbers

When it comes to total annual revenue and the number of players, the US is far more advanced than Canada. In the US, the online gambling industry generates in excess of $58 billion annually, while in Canada, this figure is just above $14 billion. 

The same doesn't apply to the number of users, though. Around 60% of adults in the United States gambled in the last year compared to the 64.5% of adult Canadians who admit to having gambled in the last 12 months. 

Bet with BetMGM in the US and Canada

BetMGM is one of the biggest players in the digital casino industry in North America and it offers platforms in both the US and Ontario, Canada. Play your favorite online casino games with BetMGM.

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