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If you like slots and bingo, you're bound to enjoy . If you like slots, bingo, and spinning wheels that could help you even more exciting prizes, then Slingo Big is for you. This game takes classic Slingo gameplay and adds a rewards wheel to offer an exciting new twist to the game. If you do decide to give this game a whirl, you can expect an RTP of 95.1%.

As with classic Slingo, players hit Spin and see which random numbers appear in the bottom reel. If these numbers line up with the numbers on the grid above, they're marked off. If you happen to complete a row, you get a Slingo. Get three Slingos, and you can unlock the wheel bonus game. Spin the wheel, and you could receive a multiplier of up to 10x or a boost. The boost unlocks higher prizes, which can normally only be achieved by playing more rounds and landing more Slingos.

This game isn't just slots. It isn't just bingo. It isn't just an exciting casino wheel game, either. It's all three combined into one, so be sure to check this out if you enjoy any of these types of games.

6. Wheel of Fortune Winning Words

The first Wheel of Fortune casino game on this is a unique title. Wheel of Fortune Winning Words is produced by IGT and takes a game typically associated with numbers and symbols and makes it about words. 

When you , you can to buy different-priced tickets. After you have bought your ticket, you'll see three words of different lengths. The game begins with you spinning the wheel to decide what each word is . The wheel has different colored symbols that point to different sections of the wheel. This will randomly assign a total to each word, so it's not necessarily a case of longer words being worth more and shorter words being worth less.

A series of blocks with a question mark symbol will then appear beneath the words. As you click on each of these blocks, a letter will be revealed. If you don't want to click on each block, you can also select Auto Reveal to automatically reveal each letter. As letters appear in the blocks, matching letters will light up in the words. If you manage to get all the matching letters, you'll win, but before you are paid out, there's one last chance to win even bigger. Multipliers between 1x and 10x will appear, and one will be randomly selected. You'll then be paid out based on your ticket price and the multiplier that you landed.

Again, this game offers a unique and interesting twist on the Wheel of Fortune formula, so if you like Wheel of Fortune and you like words, be sure to give this game a go.

7. Wheely Wheely Big Win

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