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Pot Limit is an exciting variant that offers its own unique experience that makes it stand out from other poker variants like Texas Hold'em or Seven Card Stud. The Pot Limit Omaha are very similar to Texas Hold'em, but in this poker variant, there are three key differences. 

Firstly, a player's consists of four cards. This means that it's much easier for to make higher-ranked hands compared to Texas Hold'em. 

Secondly, postflop, a player's hand must use two cards from their hole cards. 

Thirdly, players can only go all in with a that's equivalent to the size of the pot.

Apart from these differences, PLO plays very much like a standard game of Texas Hold'em. However, there are specific PLO mistakes that you should be aware of.

PLO Mistakes To Avoid

These are the top nine PLO mistakes that you should learn to avoid in order to improve your .

1. Playing Starting Hands

It's important to remember that in PLO, the ability to hit high-ranking poker hands is much higher than in Texas Hold'em because every player starts with four cards. This is why you should avoid taking chances with weak starting hands. Aim to play hands with high-value pairs, have at least two of the same suit, or a high-value rundown (four consecutive cards, or three consecutive cards with a fourth card that is one card off the rest.)

2. Playing Weak Pairs

Weak pairs are another example of a starting hand you should just avoid. Again, many players come over from Texas Hold'em and see weak or average pairs and think they could make it work by maybe hitting three or four of a kind since it's easier to make high-value hands. However, it's important to remember that it's much easier for every player to hit the nuts in PLO, making weak pairs a bad option to play. 

3. Playing Weak Rundowns

Just like weak pairs, weak rundowns are another trap. Yes, you might have some and beat out other players occasionally, but again, the chances of other players hitting high-ranking hands are far greater in PLO than in other community-card variants like Texas Hold'em. Remember, other players are far more likely to be in the game because they believe they have the nuts, not because they are bluffing.

4. Playing Rundown Hands With Two-Card Gaps

A rundown with no or one gap is generally considered playable in PLO, depending on the value of the cards. However, a rundown with a two-card gap means you're far less likely to hit that straight or straight flush. For this reason, you should think twice about playing any rundown hands that have a two-card gap. The that your two-card gap is actually a dangler is just too high.

5. Placing Too Much Emphasis on Strong Pairs

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