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Cyber Wildz (Greentube,) Michigan – BetMGM

Thrilling, high-quality, and action-packed, Cyber Wildz is one of the latest online games to grace Michigan's online slot scene. by avant-garde developers Greentube, Cyber Wildz moves away from the traditional bright colors and light-hearted symbols towards a neon-lit, punk- cyber city infused with mega jackpots and mystical characters.

As go, few replicate the level of detail and uniqueness of Cyber Wildz. Read on to learn about the ins and outs of the

Game Overview

When you enter this high-volatility game, you'll notice a glowing cyberpunk-inspired city (believed by some to mimic Tokyo) nestled in front of a 6×5 slot with 15 paylines. Embedded within the game is an of 95%, various and scatter symbols, and the opportunity for free spins.

Released on May 30, 2023, it's fresh to the Michigan scene and has proved popular amongst the state's gambling community. Cyber Wildz boasts a maximum payout of 20,000x, meaning it can provide a highly fruitful slots bonus.

Similarly to most modern online slot machines, this is a class III slot. For those unaware of the differences between class II and III slots, the latter usually offers larger jackpots, bigger prizes, and first-rate graphics.

How To Play

The combination of being a highly volatile game but offering an RTP of 95% means Cyber Wildz can make or break your bankroll.

Although it isn't a slot, it has the ability to elevate your winnings to similar heights — 20,000x your original stake, to be exact. That means if you stake $5 and activate the max payout, you'll walk with $100,000. The minimum stake allowed is $0.20, while the maximum is $10.

After you've loaded the game, you must click on the “Menu” below the reels to initiate a round. You'll then be asked to stake your bet, which you can adjust with the “+” and “-” buttons. Additionally, there's an “i” button, which presents the paytables and rules. Once you've agreed on the amount, press “Start” to spin the wheel.

Spinning across the wheel's lanes are a variety of luminous, mysterious, and characterful symbols the most rewarding icons include Kray-Z the Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin. 


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