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Games Like Poker You Can Play Online Today – BetMGM

Although each game adopts different rules, whether it be the value of cards or how to win, all the best online card are affiliated with unique slang; for instance, some poker slang phrases that'll make you sound professional include “blind,” “river,” “check,” and “raise,” whereas blackjack players will usually call out “hit me” or “stick.” For newbies, a great way to hide your skill level and avoid exploitative players is by entering the knowing some game slang. 

Below are five online card games similar to poker.


Another popular selection among gamblers, many believe baccarat has been played since the 1400s. Similar to poker namely Seven-Card and Texas Hold'em baccarat offers plenty of variations, with punto banco and chemin de fer often regarded as the most like poker. 

To initiate a round, you bet on whether the banker or player hand will win or whether both hands will tie. The winning hand is usually decided on the one closest to nine. Regarding card values, aces equal one point, while 10s and royal cards offer zero points. The most points are given between cards 2–9, which provide points based on their value. For example, 7 equals 7 points. 

Great strategies for winning include paying attention to card patterns, avoiding the tie bet, and predominantly betting on the banker, as their chances of winning are the greatest.

Pai Gow

Originating from China, pai gow is often regarded as the most similar game to poker. This only became noticeable when the game evolved from using dominos to cards. Players aim to create two poker hands a five-card hand and a two-card hand and beat the dealer.

And luckily for poker players, pai gow incorporates the same hand rankings. The main with this game is that players can utilize the jokers to complete their hands in a flush, straight, or full house. 

Practical strategies include bankroll management, knowing when to , and ensuring both hands are well-balanced.

Video Poker

Unlike poker, which is played on a table, video poker is enjoyed on a machine. And while hand rankings remain the same, the route to victory differs. In video poker, the gambler is only paid if they have a pair of jacks or higher. 

Playing machine games like video poker or slots is a great way to get out of online card games, helping to keep your gambling experience spontaneous and exciting. Strategies adopted by experienced players from the pay tables and bankroll management to playing maximum coins and knowing the different variants. 


Although both games involve cards, some may be surprised that blackjack makes the list. Played against the dealer, the target is to reach or be closest to 21. While the whole deck is in play, at the beginning of each round, players receive two cards and decide whether to hit (receive another card) or stick (no additional card.) If a player exceeds the number 21, they go bust, which means they're eliminated from the round.

When it comes to similarities between the two, they're hidden within. Both games incorporate a need for understanding the math behind the game and also include additional betting options. strategies include minimizing the house edge, avoiding insurance bets, and doubling down. 

Teen Patti

This card game originated in India. Teen Patti requires a minimum of four players and incorporates the whole 52-card deck. With multiple rounds of betting and hand rankings, like straight, flush, and pair, it's easy to spot its resemblance to poker. The strongest hand at the end of the betting rounds decides the winner. 

Optimal strategies include mixing up bets, reading opponents, and understanding when to fold and when to be aggressive. 

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