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Reasons You Should Never Count Cards – BetMGM

For years gambling has been, and still is, a popular pastime for many people around the globe. The thrill and possibility of winning big is what keeps many gamblers coming back. Naturally, many gamblers approach their favorite games with one thought in mind – how to gain the upper hand over the house. This is true for those who play at a or casino, as the premise of casino games remains quite similar in both cases.

Gamblers employ different and tactics to try to strike it lucky, one of which is card counting. As the term suggests, card counting applies to casino card games such as and blackjack rather than games such as or bingo.

What Is Counting Cards and How Does It Work?

Those looking to elevate their gameplay may expand their knowledge by reading some of the best gambling books or trying different strategies, such as counting cards. Card counting is essentially a strategy of keeping of which cards are being dealt throughout a round to make a reasonable deduction as to which cards your opponents are holding, which cards are likely to still be in the deck and the probability of those cards being drawn. The ability to deduce which cards are being held and which are likely to be drawn assists in guiding gameplay. It can help you decide whether to call, raise or fold.

Is Counting Cards Illegal?

Counting cards isn't illegal, although some frown upon it and, to an extent, consider it cheating. Casinos may have different measures in place to detect it as it reduces the house edge and potentially reduces the casino's profit margins.

One of the ways in which casinos combat card counting is by having the shuffle the cards more frequently to make it difficult for card counters to keep track of the cards that have been played. This can significantly reduce the accuracy of their count.

Some casinos even keep information on those players they regard as undesirable because of their card-counting practices. Dealing with card counters also involves casinos deploying technology to detect and monitor them. Sometimes casinos employ former or known card counters and place them in camera rooms to pick up someone they believe is card counting, based on their own experience. A player may be asked to leave the casino if they are caught out, and if the player refuses, the casino may resort to charging the player for trespassing.

In extreme cases, a player may be banned from playing in the same casino again or in that town or city. It is, therefore, clear that there is more than benefit in card counting, albeit that if a player applies it consistently over a long period without being caught, there may be a handsome profit to be made.

Why You Should Never Count Cards

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