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The Complete Guide for Beginners – BetMGM

This is one of the easiest casino table . All you need to do is place your where you think the little ball will land, including odd numbers, even numbers, red, black or specific numbers (37:1 .) You obviously have a 50/50 chance when playing odds, evens, reds and blacks. If you want a gambling tip for beginners, start out on broad categories like even and odd numbers or colors to increase your chance of winning. 

Some of the most popular roulette games include:

  • 777 Blazing Roulette
  • Black & Yellow Roulette
  • BetMGM Roulette Pro
  • European Roulette Classic


The goal of this casino table game is to have your cards add up to a maximum of 21. The way to win is to get better cards than the dealer. You do need some skill and knowledge of the rules to play this game well. However, the rules are very easy to learn and you could probably pick them up in a few minutes. Also, happily, the game has a low house edge, which means the odds are only very slightly against you.

Some strategies include:

  • Find games that pay 3 to 2 rather than 6 to 5.
  • Stand on 13 to 16 when the dealer shows 2 through 6.
  • Hit on 12 to 16 when the dealer shows 7 or higher.
  • Avoid gimmicky side bets — even though they promise a large payout, the house edge is huge.

This is probably one of the hardest but most enjoyable games to play. poker is basically an electronic version of a Five-Card Draw. Instead of playing against opponents, you need to create the best poker hand possible. Stakes are placed before each new hand. You win if you end up creating a strong enough hand. There are lots of variations of video poker games and some of them have a very low house edge.

When it comes to online gambling for beginners, there are so many different poker strategies, from choosing the right hands to play to learning to bluff. As a beginner, it's probably best to start with low-stakes games and take some to gain experience.


, this luck-based game with a lower house edge is not that difficult to learn and does not require much skill. You have the option to bet on either the player's hand, the banker's hand or a tie, aiming to achieve a total card value closest to nine to win. 

Some strategies include:

  • Betting on the banker for the lowest house edge of 1.06 percent.
  • Bet on the player's hand for a slightly worse house edge of 1.24 percent.
  • Managing your bankroll to avoid losses.

Basic Casino Rules

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