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Thor 10k Ways (Reelplay) – BetMGM

As soon as you launch the game, it becomes evident to any player that Reelplay has put thought into its overall aesthetics. The background transports you into a realistic battleground scene with swords and helmets lying around after a hard-won fight. A torn banner sways forlornly in the gentle wind as soot rises from the ground to cover the trees and other elements in the background.

The excellent graphics are evident in reels set into an ornate board with the symbols A–9 drawn to look like Nordic runes. himself looks imposing as the wild symbol, while Mjölnir sends shivers down your spine as the hammer sends sparks flying. The ominous and pulsing music makes you want to battle alongside the god of



Thor 10k Ways comes with a cascade feature that deletes matching symbols and replaces it with new ones from above. This feature occurs with each winning combination till there are no matches. The cascade mechanism makes it easy to win and win again. The only symbol immune to this is the hammer symbol and that's because it carries its own special powers. 

Payouts From Special Combinations

The game awards payouts to special combinations in the game. For example, when the higher-paying shield symbol lines up with lower-paying symbols A and K, it triggers a pay line of 0.5x–1.2x the initial stake, while a combination of helmets, axes and shields yields 2x–50x the bet. This sure keeps things interesting as you go. 

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Thor 10k Ways is the god himself. However, the wild symbol can only be found in the topmost row in the game. As always, the wild symbol can stand in to make up for any missing match in a combination. However, it doesn't apply in the case of scatter symbols. 


Just like most slot games, this game comes with a scatter symbol that activates the jackpots. The scatter symbol is Thor's hammer. While other symbols remove with the cascade mechanism, the hammer symbol does not move; rather, it out when three hammer symbols appear across at least three reels. Having up to six hammers appearing across adjacent reels automatically triggers the respins.

and Jackpots

Punters who look forward to several kinds of slots bonus will be delighted to know that Thor 10K Ways came prepared. Take a look at the bonuses. 

Near-Miss Bonus 

This one is a personal favorite. While the main bonus is activated by getting six hammers across adjacent reels, getting five hammers triggers the near-miss bonus, where you can win any of the smaller jackpots, as each hammer comes with a prize. In a way, the near-miss bonus is a neat consolation prize that gives you the hope of trying again even though you missed out on the game's fantastic bonus. 

Bonus Respins

This is the main bonus of the game. You activate the bonus respin when you land six hammers across the reels. This qualifies you to keep spinning and allows you the chance to win the lesser jackpots several times alongside the major jackpots.

Thor 10k Ways came loaded with jackpots. The game lists them from 10x, 50x, 250x, 2000x up to 10,000x. While your chances of winning the largest jackpot might be slim, you have a good chance of winning the lesser jackpots more than once. 

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