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A Short History of New Jersey – BetMGM

In its early years as an independent state, New focused on rebuilding cities and infrastructure impacted by the war. New roads and railways allowed for faster travel around the state, and canals brought much-needed water to dry areas with crucial resources. But then, the American Civil War took place from 1861 to 1865, causing a slump in growth where over 25,000 men fought for the Union. 

Following the end of the Civil War, attention was refocused on growth. The global “Industrial Revolution” was underway and mining iron was a game-changer for cities like Trenton, Jersey , Paterson and Newark. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, New Jersey prospered and reached significant milestones in technology, agriculture and entertainment.

-famous inventor Thomas Edison made over 1,000 patents in his lab in New Jersey, inventing revolutionary technologies like motion picture cameras and electric light bulbs. Immigrants came from all over the world to live in one of the fastest-growing , accelerating New Jersey's growth by doubling the population between 1900 and 1930.

Manufacturing became a multi-billion dollar industry at the turn of the 20th century, but the Great Depression caused significant setbacks and many residents lost their livelihoods. Strangely enough, World War I and II were exactly what the state needed to overcome this challenging period. The strength of the state's manufacturing sector allowed it to produce naval vessels quickly and efficiently, including the world's first nuclear-powered cargo ship.

The 21st Century & Beyond

The combination of increased production, globalization and the development of technology have ensured that New Jersey continues to grow at a rate. The arts and culture scene has been able to thrive without global conflict, and talented artists like Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra have made a name for themselves on the global stage.

If you're looking for facts about New Jersey, did you know that the state was the first to have a domestic flight? It was the first state to construct a mechanically ventilated underwater tunnel. It's also home to two of the oldest universities in the country, Princeton and Rutgers Universities, both of which were founded long before the American Revolution. 

With all that being said, New Jersey has seen its fair share of challenges in the modern day. The diversity of the state's residents has led to clashes of cultural and social values, culminating in race riots during the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., a history-changing event covered by international news outlets.

Although racial tensions remain prevalent throughout the US, New Jersey's social and cultural diversity has left it less impacted by the political debates dominating news channels. The state's residents share a long history of agreed-upon values fostered through centuries of growth as a diverse society. Every resident has the freedom to make the most of the state's activities and opportunities, working towards a better life in a land where opportunities for work and are more abundant than most.

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