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In Chinese culture, there are numerous symbols and items that are considered to bring good . These include various numbers, colors, water, crystals, buddha statues, dragons and bamboo. For instance, hanging crystals in a window can help the flow of positive energy through the transmission of light into darker areas.

Some use feng shui mirror placement for good . The idea is that the mirror helps reflect the positive energy throughout the room. Water is also an essential ingredient for feng shui practice; a small fountain or aquarium can help with this. The sound of water gently splashing helps to calm the mind and bring a peaceful energy to the room.

According to feng shui, the turtle and dragon are said to bring great fortune and prosperity. Land formation behind your building symbolizes the turtle and a hill to the left of your structure depicts a dragon. However, if there are no hills nearby, the careful placement of a dragon statue or figurine can produce good fortune instead. 

A dragon figurine should be placed at the furthest end of your building, away from the entrance. Positive energy enters your building from the front, so your entrance and hallway should be clear of all obstacles. Thorny shrubs, trees or flowers are considered bad luck plants in feng shui. These should be removed from the entrance to allow for positive energy flow.

Significance of Color

Colors in feng shui practice are symbolic and help to harmonize a setting by providing balance and supportive energies. Some of the 's best designs are based on the principles of feng shui. For instance, the use of jade carvings or , plush red decor and rounded shapes are said to attract good luck and prosperity.

It is believed that red is associated with emotion and passion, which encourages players to engage more with their . Other significant colors include:

  • Blue: Stable and calming, this color relates to the growth and flow of money
  • : A strong and crisp color that provides a supportive energy
  • Green: A color of nature, which brings a balance to family, work and play
  • Yellow: Encourages creativity, happiness and positive energy

These colors may be used in the design of your space to allow the respective energies to flow. However, some gamblers believe that wearing certain items of color can also help, such as a jade ring or lucky red clothing. 

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