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Are Casino Chips Microchipped? – BetMGM

The invention of casino can be traced back to the early 19th century, during the of the Rush. Since then, they've been an essential part of gambling halls. Before modern practices were implemented, casino chips were manufactured with a myriad of materials, including ivory, bone, clay and paper. Today, they're molded together by resin and installed with high-tech software. 

Having evolved from traditional tokens to modern tech, the of casino chips mirrors the progression of casino games. While state-of-the-art chips can scan fingerprints and track their location, most online casinos have introduced live dealer games, bringing a real-life dealer's authentic experience to your screen. Another welcomed addition is the wide variety of casino games, which has extended far beyond poker, baccarat and roulette. This article discusses why microchipped chips are becoming prevalent at casinos.  

The Technology Surrounding Microchipped Chips

From security protocols to improving user experience, there are many reasons why introducing microchipped chips is revolutionizing the . A common problem casinos face is counterfeit chips or taking them and not returning them. Microchipping is an effective way of eradicating these risks and it comes with additional benefits — not only for the casino, but also for the gamblers.

A common question regarding the technology surrounding chips is: “Do casino chips have RFID?” The answer to that is usually yes. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is the primary tool used when it comes to tracking and monitoring.  

Through tapping into radio waves, establishments can access a wealth of information, ranging from the frequency of visitors' gambling activities to real-time data, including monitoring the number of players around specific tables and adjusting the level of staff to cope with the ebb and flow of traffic. As a result, casinos are now streamlining their process to ensure a seamless service.

For casino goers, microchipping can act as an effective bankroll tracker. Why? Because RFID chips automatically register transactions and instantaneously update the 's balance. Compared to non-microchipped chips, gamblers now have access to in-depth information on their performance, which comes in handy when entering the latter stages of games like poker and roulette. 

An RFID poker chip's ability to track and monitor play allows casinos to catch onto gambling addiction and offer support when needed. In contrast, microchipping also enables casinos to establish effective loyalty programs and offer customized benefits and rewards for frequent visitors. For example, offering poker enthusiasts seats to exclusive games and high-roller events.

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