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Best Snacks for Marathon Gaming Sessions – BetMGM

If the idea of broccoli bores you, consider dark chocolate. Be sure to get good quality chocolate that's at least 70% cocoa. Not only will you get a mild dose of caffeine to make you more alert, but the magnesium will boost the production of endorphins such as serotonin.

Serotonin can lift your mood and take the edge off your levels when you're having a bad run. A study has found that flavonoid antioxidants found in some cocoa powders learning, memory, and mood in those who regularly drank hot chocolate.

People mistakenly believe that eating chocolate causes weight gain, but this is only for sugary and milky chocolate. 

Carbonated Drinks

The obvious go-to drinks for long gaming sessions are energy drinks. Monster Energy is a decent choice in a pinch but can leave a chalky aftertaste in your mouth.

Red Bull is a very energy drink brand and a favorite among gamers. They also sponsor a ton of gaming and esports events all over the world. Red Bull is a bit more expensive than other options but is known for its superior taste. 

Citrus Energy doesn't have quite the same kick but has a good taste and includes a lot of vitamin C. Mtn Dew Amp, on the other hand, comes in flavors such as cherry, grape, and tropical punch. There's also the Game Fuel line of beverages that include 90 mg of caffeine, along with theanine, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

Non-Carbonated Drinks

If you're looking for non-carbonated drinks, sports drinks such as Gatorade offer you flavor but without the added jitters brought on by caffeine. They might not help in keeping you awake during late-night gaming sessions but they will assist you in staying hydrated. 

Finally, there's always the option of going for some ice cold water. You should be drinking water in between energy drinks anyway. Staying hydrated is very and often overlooked during marathon gambling sessions, but it goes a long way in holding up your energy levels.

Drinking a lot of fluids will naturally make you need to use the bathroom more often, but you could see these breaks as a good excuse to get up and stretch your legs from time to time —  something that's also very important during long gaming marathons.

Stock Up on for Your Next Session

When you register to online, the above options, mostly of the healthy variety, should stand you in good stead in maintaining your energy levels and remaining focussed. If you come up a winner, celebrations may call for something more indulgent.

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