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Casino and Poker Scandals That Shocked the World – BetMGM

To this day, Mike Postle, a pro from northern California who favored Hold'em , protests his innocence against accusations of cheating made against him by fellow and occasional poker tournament commentator Veronica Brill. Brill broke many unspoken rules in the poker world by calling out Postle without hard evidence. It was during the live streaming of games from Stones Gambling Hall in 2019 that Brill noticed that his quirky style of play rarely let him down. His unerring success, despite some unconventional moves, was reaping him significant rewards, but Brill couldn't help but feel uneasy.

A previously average player, Postle's newfound skills were astounding many, with the notable exception of Brill. After analyzing a number of Postle's with which he pulled off improbable wins, Brill approached the venue about their security to see if there was any way in which Postle could have sight of opponents' cards in real . They assured her there was no way in which he could be accessing that information, but rumors around hidden cameras in Postle's baseball cap or the presence of a cell phone on his lap (which he looked down at often whilst contemplating a move) did the rounds.

With suspicion growing amongst an ever-growing group of players, a lawsuit was brought against the outraged Postle by Brill and almost 90 others, but the case never went to court.

Postle subsequently brought his own defamation claim against Brill, which he later dropped as he looked bankruptcy in the face. Today, Postle is still around on the circuit but made an early exit from the 2023 Beau Rivage Dollar Heater main event, which some saw as karma for his alleged past cheating.

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Who knows why anyone would choose to take the enormous risks that cheating presents, even when weighed against potential ill-gotten gains? With the exception of the MIT crew — who arguably never actually cheated — all the other players in these stories were jailed or reviled in public (or both.) With increasing security and scrutiny in poker games and other forms of online gambling, you have to be pretty to take on cameras and the many other built-in security features that are there to deter cheaters. Don't be a cheater — play a clean game.

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