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Estimating the True Value of Online Casino Bonuses – BetMGM

When you're eyeing a tempting bonus, use a proven bonus calculator to guarantee no miscalculations. The four numbers needed correspond to the factors mentioned above, namely deposit amount, percentage deposit bonus, wagering requirements and contribution.

Going with the example from earlier and cranking the game contribution up to 100%, a $50 deposit with 100% bonus and 5x bonus requirement would require you to bet $250 before potentially getting any back. 

A good online casino bonus a fair balance between investment and enjoyment. Keep in mind that the type of game you want to play could have a high or low contribution percentage, which is why it's crucial to read the fine print and do the math correctly. If you're hunting for , get the most bang for your buck by using one of the free casino bonus calculators available before you make your choice.

How To True Value

Game contribution can be the deciding factor when it comes to the potential profitability of online gambling bonuses. The good news is that most online offer 100% game contribution. On the flipside, can often have contributions as low as 10%, while games like bingo tend to go from 0–5%. 

If the game you're playing only counts for 10%, you would need to bet 10x more than you would with the average slots bonus. To maximize the true value of bonus offers, look for games with a high RTP, like slots and blackjack, then find a contribution percentage that suits your online gambling budget.

Ultimately, your chosen offer must cover estimated losses before you have to top up with additional funds. If you play eligible games to complete wagering requirements with time to spare, you can potentially walk away with tremendous value for your money.

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