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How To Master Mixed Games in Poker – BetMGM

is a game of skill, strategy and adaptability. While No-Limit Hold'em may be the most widely known of the poker variants, experienced players often seek out new challenges and a fresh dimension to their gameplay.

This covers what “mixed ” means, the strategies required for each variant and why players opt to play them. Discover which mixed games to first and how and betting change in mixed games poker.

What Are Mixed Games in Poker?

When you think of poker, you probably think of No-Limit Hold'em. The reality is, players have grown tired of this classic version and have cited reasons like excessive tanking, new crowds of aggressive players and the solver-based strategies that have spoiled the game.

The same cannot be said for mixed games, where the action is fast and the players are usually inexperienced. This makes it an attractive option if you're looking for opportunities to make a profit.

Mixed games refers to a collection of poker variants played in rotation during a single session or tournament (including online poker tournaments.) These games combine different poker formats, allowing players to showcase their versatility and expertise.

Strategies for Mixed Games

Some common mixed games include HORSE (Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven-Card Stud and Eight-or-Better,) Eight-Game (Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw, Pot-Limit Omaha and others) and Dealer's Choice (where the dealer selects the game.)

Below, we'll look at the most popular mixed games — namely the HORSE variety — and the strategies required when you learn how to play poker in these formats.

1. No-Limit Hold'em

No-Limit Hold'em (NLHE) is described as the ‘Cadillac of poker' because it is arguably the most popular game in the world. This game can't be ignored as it is included in the Eight-Game Mix — a very popular mix in both tournaments and cash games as well as poker games online.

Basic strategy in NLHE in mixed games dictates that you should be completely honest about your skill level. It would be a mistake to play large pots against more skilled players when you have a better edge in the other games.

If you think you're at a disadvantage, it's fine to adhere to a “small ball” strategy and be more cautious when defending your big blind. It would also be acceptable to put in larger bets or raises to end a sooner rather than later.

2. Omaha

Omaha /Low Eight or Better (O8b) is a community card flop game where everyone is dealt four face down instead of two and exactly two of their hole cards must be used to make a hand. 

O8b may be the second-most popular poker variant and certainly the most popular game in regards to its inclusion within mixed games. Most of the playable hands in O8b are low oriented because they can often end up in a highly valued free-roll position.

Hand selection is of utmost importance in O8b, more so than any other poker variant, because if you play inferior hands, you'll constantly get squeezed and free-rolled — this is a recipe for disaster.

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