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Multihand Blackjack Surrender (IGT) – BetMGM

Multihand is an online blackjack game from IGT that comes with an interesting surrender feature. This handy option has drawn the attention of many gamblers who, like you, may have been taken off guard by a poor starting hand when at an online casino. This looks at Multihand Blackjack Surrender and outlines its many benefits.

Game Overview

Have you ever played a round of online blackjack where you were dealt a bad first hand? In such situations, you can only accept your fate and watch as the game takes your away.

Well, IGT has ended that with their game, Multihand Blackjack Surrender. Multihand Blackjack Surrender allows players to surrender after the dealer has dealt the first pair of cards and checked for blackjack.

Of course, the “Surrender” feature suffers some limitations, as you can only use it early in the game. Nonetheless, the fact that it's available for use is enough for most blackjack players.

Using the Surrender feature also requires you to forfeit half your , but that's better than losing everything. So, if you find yourself in a tight spot, you can take the loss and save the rest for later rounds.

Apart from the addition of the surrender rule, the classic for when you play blackjack online still apply here. That means the dealer also stands on all 17 and draws on 16. 

When playing classic online blackjack, you need to have equipped yourself with knowledge of the rules. Here's a step-by-step on how to get started with online blackjack could go a way to helping you. 

Another characteristic of this game is the “Multihand” mentioned in its name. This game allows you to play three hands in a round, exponentially increasing your earning opportunities. Of course, the risk of losing increases as well, but the appeal is still significant.

How To Play

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