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The Best Casinos in the World – BetMGM

Possibly the most famous in the world, The Venetian is inspired by the city of Venice. This also comes through in its architecture and features. Although the construction of the establishment only started in 1997, it opened its doors a mere two years later. This was after the Sands Hotel and Casino was closed and The Venetian was built on that land.

The Venetian offers more than 225 – 60 of which are table games – that are sure to thrill casino enthusiasts. It's also situated close to what is widely deemed one of the best casino in the world, MGM Macau. MGM Macau has a contemporary look and feel and the short distance between the two casinos (approximately 2.5 miles) gives patrons double the excitement and even more variety as it offers several table games and slots that have gained much popularity in recent years.

Monte Carlo Casino (formerly Casino de Monte Carlo,) Monaco

One of the oldest and most visually appealing casinos in the world, Monte Carlo Casino was designed by a French architect who was inspired by his travels. Since 1863, the casino has been a key attraction for both locals and travelers because of its Beaux-Arts style. Now, the casino has gained so much acclaim that it's even referenced in movies and other creative works.

The casino has a varied offering, including slot machines, and , to name just a few.

The Hippodrome Casino, London

Originally built as an entertainment arena in 1900 and a sister theater to the acclaimed Palladium and Coliseum, the Hippodrome Casino now stands as one of the most renowned casinos in the world. The building itself boasts a rich that has welcomed people from all walks of life, from musicians to sports stars and artists – the Hippodrome Casino has hosted them and more. Moreover, the history of the building is reflected in the architecture's grandeur and opulence that showcases timeless elegance but still has a touch of modernity.

Although the building has been in existence for more than a century, it was only in 2010 that it became a casino. Currently, it has five floors and casino enthusiasts will be happy to know that there's an entire floor dedicated to poker. Other casino games that can be enjoyed at the Hippodrome Casino include classics such as and blackjack. Casino establishments are known to uphold a high standard and elegant dress code and the Hippodrome Casino remains true to that. The preferred dress code is smart casual.

Caesars Palace, Vegas

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