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The Intersection of Fitness and Gaming – BetMGM

From 2012 onwards, popular mobile like Candy Crush and Pokemon Go brought gaming to the masses on an unprecedented scale. Even non-gamers found themselves drawn to the conveniences of playing on the go, raking in rewards and meeting like-minded enthusiasts online.

From that point on, the growth of gaming accelerated and it quickly became the largest and most profitable entertainment industry in the , bigger than movies and music combined. Fitness games use the same core elements which allowed games to achieve this immense growth, harnessing the science behind psychology, math and interactive storytelling in a marriage of fitness and fun.

To gamify fitness, the adrenaline and excitement of real-world activities are combined with a wide range of digital and electronic elements. The latest Peloton Bike and Bike+, for example, feature rhythm-based workouts with score-tracking, allowing users to compare their best after live virtual classes.

Combine group exercises with VR and you can see why gamification in fitness apps has the potential to transform your social life and workout habits. VR fitness is already gaining traction as a popular medium, with Sony's Playstation VR2 and the HTC Vive offering the latest fitness games for the most popular gaming platforms.

Nowadays, there are apps and games for specific sports and fitness activities. Wearable devices that use gamification in fitness apps have proven to be immensely popular and the masses following celebrity fitness routines on social media have helped these devices gain a firm foothold worldwide.

Fitness-based additions to existing formats also aid the growth of workout gamification. In a , for example, adding the best eating plans for poker players is a straightforward feature with barely any implementation costs, but the end result is a healthy who can keep coming for more if they please.

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Motivation can be tough to come by when it comes to exercise. Fitness games make it easier than ever before to find inspiration for regular exercise, improving your health and opening you up to new experiences. 

The future of high-tech gaming is exciting, to say the least, and fitness games will continue taking advantage of diverse gaming mechanics to gain mass appeal. Whether you're playing online games with a live dealer or star-jumping your way to victory in OlympicVR, gaming offers near-endless possibilities for exercise and entertainment.

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