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The Most Overvalued and Overplayed Poker Hands – BetMGM

In the YouTube “The Science Of Weak Ax Hands | Poker Quick Plays” from The Poker Bank, they define any combination of A-2 to A-8 as a weak A-X , regardless of whether they are suited or offsuit. This means that an A-A (the best hand in poker to with,) the A-K (which has already been discussed,) A-Q, A-J, A-10, and A-9 are considered strong A-X hands.

The video also highlights a number of other why players often overvalue and overplay this particular hand. Firstly, many players think that they have a good chance of hitting something big on the flop. However, by scrutinizing the stats using the analysis tool Flopzilla, it's revealed that the odds of this actually happening are less than +2,757. More realistically, the odds that you might hit a top pair are +513, but that's still far from being a reliable play. Things do get better when the A-X is suited, as it opens the opportunity for flush draws. 

The video goes on to explain that a weak A-X hand misses two thirds of the time, but people also make mistakes when they do hit. The narrator discusses a number of scenarios, but ultimately concludes that if you're considering playing a weak A-X hand, aggression preflop is the preferred way forward since things don't tend to get much better postflop.

Ultimately, when playing a weak A-X hand, it's to remember that it's risky since the chance of you losing naturally increases the longer the game goes on. You could face off against combinations like A-K, A-Q, A-J, or even weaker pairs that will beat your weak A-X hand. This is especially when your A-X hand is offsuit, as this lowers the chance of you forming a flush with your starting hand. 

3. King-Jack Offsuit

Nathan Williams, also known by his online nickname BlackRain79, is a popular poker creator, author, teacher, and micro-stakes poker player. On his poker blog, a contributing author discusses four poker hands that aren't worth your time in the article “4 Overrated Poker Hands You Need to Just .” The four hands discussed are jack-9 suited, ace-10 offsuit, pocket 2s, and king-jack offsuit. 

The author highlights how the main problems with the king-jack offsuit hand are the fact that it's offsuit, meaning that you don't have an opportunity for a flush, and that it's not as good as a connector hand. This means that it often loses to statistically stronger hands, like ace-king, ace-jack, and king-queen.

This hand is undoubtedly one of the most deceptive, as it's not bad, but it's not either. The fact that it is offsuit as opposed to suited also further limits your options. As the author recommends, it could offer some opportunity postflop, but if it goes down to a 3-bet, it's safest to just fold.

4. Suited Connectors

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