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While fashion has evolved dramatically over the decades, casino attire remains relatively unchanged. The introduction of casino and a general relaxation of strict rules around what is acceptable as casino clothes mean that you're now more likely to see someone in a polo shirt and chinos than a tuxedo. The attire of casino floor staff, on the other , has remained the same, with a of small tweaks here and there.

So, what does a casino dealer's outfit look like these days? What has remained the same, and what has changed in the last few years? Take a look.

The Traditional Casino Dealer Uniform

Casino and croupiers a dedicated uniform that is specified by the casino itself. Every casino will have a set standard of what they expect different staff members to wear while they're at work. 

It's straightforward when it comes to casino card dealers and croupiers, and the traditional uniform has remained relatively unchanged over many decades. Dealers in brick-and-mortar casinos are expected to adhere to a black-and- dress code.

They'll usually wear black shoes, formal black trousers, and a white button-up shirt. Some casinos require dealers to wear a casino vest or waistcoat. It's unlikely that dealers will wear a suit jacket, as this can restrict their movement at the tables and make it difficult to differentiate them from more formal casino-goers. Some casinos may require their dealers to wear ties or bowties, too.

What Do Female Casino Dealers Wear?

The attire for a female casino dealer is similar to that of their male counterparts, but they have a little more scope when it comes to options. They'll also have to wear smart black shoes, a white shirt, and a vest (if it's required.) However, they're also given the option of wearing either smart black pants or a black pencil skirt. In rare cases, you might encounter a female casino dealer in a black cocktail dress.

What Do Online Casino Dealers Wear?

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